IT Lifecycle Management

IT Lifecycle Management Made Simple from Start to Finish

Partnering with ITM alleviates the significant time and cost burden of handling this labor-intensive support work in-house.

In this dynamic, and fast-paced world, simplified and streamlined lifecycle management services are a game-changer, allowing companies to focus their IT resources on more strategic and growth-related initiatives.

The ITM Team makes Lifecycle Management seamless and efficient

Hiring for this work in-house can add unnecessary overhead, disrupt your existing workflows and divert your attention from high-growth initiatives.

The ITM Team makes lifecycle management seamless and efficient.

This will allow you to grow at scale while we support existing processes, while being agile to address unexpected opportunities or risks.

There are many critical steps to enable a seamless and efficient lifecycle management process, and companies engage ITM, to help them conduct all related activities in the best way possible.

ITM customers for IT Lifecycle Management Services benefit from hard savings related to freed up internal IT resources, available asset storage space and economies of scale.

Experience Peace of Mind when working with the ITM Team

At ITM we are nimble and flexible, experts in scalability and delivering on-time and on-budget solutions, in quick turnaround scenarios which tend to occur in the real world.

With ITM you feel peace of mind, with better managed asset inventory, tight controls, stringent processes, quality assurance – all backed by a very committed and experienced ITM team servicing your business.

You will enjoy tremendous convenience as well, with multiple warehouse facilities situated across Canada.  Our modern warehouse facilities are equipped with top security systems and well-engineered processes to ensure safety, security, and risk mitigation.

With ITM, we’ve got you covered.

PCI Compliance

Proper installation and maintenance of payment systems is critical to prevent data breaches.

Our technicians are trained and qualified to service the most critical control areas of payment systems, to improve payment data security and reduce merchant risk

With more business being done virtually than ever before, more people are conscious of potential security vulnerabilities.

Our PCI compliance not only keeps your systems safe for ecommerce transactions, it will give your prospects and customers peace of mind in doing ecommerce whether it’s direct-to-consumer or business-to-business.

Strategic Planning

We evaluate your market, its potential for volatility and create a strategy to adapt to market changes when necessary, giving you an edge over your competitors and enabling the best outcomes for your business and your customers.


We have strong, tenured relationships with value-added resellers, speeding up the procurement process. We effectively overcome the challenges of supply shortages and enable timely execution.


We configure your IT equipment for you, with all the necessary tools and software. We deliver just in time configuration and kitting services to make it all simple and seamless for you.


With our industry expertise, we anticipate and prevent potential issues before deployment. Trust ITM to handle all your deployment and installation activities, starting in the warehouse and culminating on-site, at your office.


ITM facilitates the retirement of technology at the end-of-life stage, in a secure and environmentally conscious manner.

IT Lifecycle Management Services

  • Stock on hold services for customer owned assets
  • Manage incoming and outgoing assets
  • Coordinate, ship and receive assets
  • Hardware & software configuration and installation services
  • Repair services, in and out of warranty
  • Customized kitting services, with customer inserts and materials
  • Device image consulting & design
  • Warranty and off-warranty repairs (triage)
  • Other services, as defined with Customer

Flexible Service Engagement

  • Single point of contact and accountability for all in-scope service requests
  • Contact escalation matrix
  • Monitored Email Support
  • Telephone support
  • Convenient customer portal to submit service requests, open a case, follow status, view history

Service Management and Reporting

  • Provide Customer with access to services defined in the scope
  • Monthly service delivery reports (by location, project)
  • Detailed asset tracking and reporting
  • Relevant IT documentation kept up to date to perform required services
  • Shipping waybill and tracking information
  • Custom packaging

Stock on Hold & Advance Replacement Services

  • Asset forecasting inventory & delivery
  • Stock on hold services
  • Advanced replacement services
  • Custom packaging and kitting services with return waybill

Asset Tracking

Asset management and control by tracking:

  • Serial number
  • Manufacturer
  • Model number
  • Product code (SKU)
  • User
  • Destination location of PC
  • Documentation of work instructions for services
  • Confirmation and details of old asset recovery

Logistics and Shipping

In accordance with the approved deployment schedule and defined work instructions, ITM will manage retired assets by:

  • Coordinating shipping delivery of product(s) to site(s)
  • Coordinating shipping return of product(s) to site(s)

Lifecyle Management Services Summary

Strategic Plan & IT Roadmap

Strategic Planning

Hardware & Software Procurement




Project Deployment


Testing – Quality Control and PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance

Asset Recycling and Retirement


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