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A Trusted Advisor for Procurement & Warranty Management Services

Choosing the right hardware and software for your business is complicated: you need to choose the right specifications and scope for your business while also ensuring you are paying the right price and agreeing to reasonable terms and conditions.

We establish your business needs, and guide you to making the right decisions, to align with your short and long-term requirements.

Our team’s expert guidance helps save you time and effort, so you can focus on your business.

We offer our customers a central licensing solution that helps keep your company’s software and hardware licensing and warranty information organized and easy to access.

Hardware & Software Procurement

The ITM team can help you with all your sourcing and procurement needs, whether you are looking to purchase hardware, software, or licenses.

We help our customers identify their needs, and simplify the process of procurement, which can be very confusing and overwhelming. 

With ITM, you can leave it to our experts to navigate the options available, and present them to you in a simple way, helping you make the right decisions, to maximize your IT investment.

We leverage our strategic partnerships with key hardware & software manufacturers and distributors to make this process as simple, seamless, and cost effective as possible.

Software Licensing Management

We make compliance easy with a central software licensing solution for organizing and easily accessing your license information.

Asset Inventory Management and Tracking

We help you standardize and improve your asset management process. We implement automations to track and replenish your inventory. No more wasted time manually counting items on a regular basis.

Vendor Warranty Management

Reminders when warranties are about to expire and when you need to renew vendors, simplifying your budgeting and project management.

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