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All you need is an internet connection!

Imagine a highly secure, central location where your employees can share documents, easily collaborate with team members, find organizational resources, manage content and workflow and instantly gain business insights to make better-informed decisions.

Through the Microsoft® intuitive suite of hosted services like Exchange and SharePoint, IT Mission can glide your business into the future of office productivity, communications and collaboration.

IT Mission provides a dynamic range of software services available on a hosted basis. Rather than running software locally, installed on each PC, each application is accessible with ultimate security over the web.

Now you can have the same enterprise-class software solutions as the major corporations, but available to you on a small business budget. While offering the highest levels of service, security and compliance our flexible hosting models will boost your productivity through the roof. We do all the complex IT work on your behalf, out of sight and out of mind. Talk about peace of mind!

You don’t pay large amounts of money for licenses, need to buy expensive IT equipment, invest in training or have in-house expertise to maintain any of this. Experience the convenience and predictability of a fixed monthly arrangement, simply based on paying for what you use.

As your company grows or changes, we’ll just switch on new services where you want them, all without the need to buy or deploy major equipment or add IT staff. Ultimate security is ensured combined with best-of-breed applications, certified expertise and thorough experience.

Harness the power of hosted solutions for e-mail anywhere, colleague collaboration, telephony, security, back-up and archiving, instant messaging, CRM and other critical office productivity solutions. You’ll get the right tools at the right time, for a fraction of the cost.

What are you waiting for?

  • boost employee productivity by simplifying every day business activities
  • shared business processes and mobilize communications
  • increase content value through a familiar & consistent user experience
  • simplify information access organization-wide & across disparate systems
  • make better-informed decisions with centralized business-critical information
  • enjoy a single, integrated platform managing all Inter, intra & extranet applications
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